Ethnic Organizations

AHEPA American Hellenic Education Progressive Association, Chapter 242 

Saint George’s AHEPA Chapter was started in 1929. It is a part of a thriving men’s national organization which aims to assist in Hellenism; education; philanthropy; civic responsibility; and family and individual excellency. Projects include: building of the AHEPA Housing Complex with HUD (for the elderly); hosting the District Convention; establishing the AHEPA Charitable Foundation for Scholarship; providing funding for the AHEPA Family Center at Saint George (gymnasium); and continual pledging to the Capital Campaign of Saint George.

Chris Kapatanakos, President - 

Daughters Of Penelope, Lyra Chapter 241

Saint George’s Daughters of Penelope is a women’s organization of 40 active members which meet every third Thursday of the month to promote: Hellenism; family and individual excellence; education; philanthropy; and civic responsibility. Members strive to exemplify the traits of kindness, tolerance, truth, goodness, beauty, self- improvement, purity, loyalty and patience. The DOP supports various charities such as the Frazee Center; Safe Harbor Women’s Shelter; Shriner’s Hospital; Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure; Saint Basil’s Academy; and the Penelope House-Domestic Violence Center. The ladies also visit ill and shut-in members.

Georgia Ann Koutsoukas (864) 363-8934 or Cecilia Trakas Wrice (864) 525-1151 

Maids of Athena

The Maids of Athena is a national sorority of girls aged 14 through 18. It is a branch of AHEPA. The mission of The Maids of Athena is to promote Hellenism and philanthropy in young women. The members of the Saint George chapter engage in two or three philanthropic activities as well as two social events each year.


President - Victoria Trakas; Vice President - Kaytina Taylor; Secretary - Paula Pieper; Treasurer - Iliana Troubetaris 

Evrytanian Association of America, "Velouchi",

Chpter 9 -- Saint George Kefalovriso 

Familiarly called the Velouchi, after the highest mountain in the Evrytanian region of Greece, this small group has grown to 18 chapters in the United States and consists of over 1200 members. Saint George’s Kefalovriso Chapter of 100 members recently hosted the 2016 Evrytanian National Convention. International philanthropic projects include: funding for construction of the Karpenisi Hospital and Home for the Aged; the support and stocking of two Food Banks in Evrytania; annual scholarships to Evrytanian students in Greece and America; financial assistance to families in need; “traveling doctors” medical care teams dispatched to remote villages in Evrytania; “Children with Special Needs” project (provides monthly financial assistance to the families of handicapped children); and financial support of the Hellenic Rescue Team of Evrytania.

The Evrytanian Association of America was founded in Charlotte, NC in 1944

Contact: Jimmy Chulkas 864-346-4407 

Daughters of Evrytania

The Daughters of Evrytania is the Ladies Auxiliary of the Evrytanian Association of America. The group was formed to help in matters of importance to the women of Evrytania, with a focus on providing financial assistance to elderly widows and women in need. This active group provides financial assistance to families in crisis, both in America and Greece. At Saint George, both the Velouchi and Daughters of Evrytania chapters are very active and sponsor the following: the annual Vasilopita Luncheon; annual Greek Independence Day and OXI Day Luncheons; and various other community events.

Contact: Aliki Mantekas 864-244-4414 

Brotherhood of Stenoma

President - Tom Mantekas

Laconian Society

Steve Trakas