Genesis Book Store


Genesis Bookstore is a volunteer-run, non-profit store whose mission is both to serve the worship needs of local parishioners and to be an information and outreach source for visitors.

The Bookstore offers parishioners recorded liturgical music, Bibles, liturgical and spiritual literature, worship supplies (such as Icons, incense, candles and prayer bracelets), and Sacramental supplies (such as Baptismal candles, stefana, stefana cases and neck crosses). There is a selection of books and pamphlets to welcome and assist visitors, catechumens, new members and those seeking to learn more about Orthodoxy.

The Bookstore also provides the Sunday School department with many needed materials.

Most importantly, it serves as a quiet meeting place where many parishioners and visitors gather after the Liturgy. With incense and Liturgical music in the background, individuals can congregate in an intimate atmosphere, discuss theology and inquire about Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is often very foreign to visitors and it is difficult to explain the intricacies of our Liturgy during the service, but visitors are welcome to come and ask questions at the Bookstore.

Genesis Bookstore proceeds support the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) Funds for Children. 

The Bookstore is loacated in the Hellenic center next to the Cathedral.   It is open after Liturgy on most Sundays. They have an extensive collection of Orthodox Books and religous items. For further information or special requests call Cathy Bowden at (864) 855-9177 or the church office at (864) 233-8531 or email Cathy.

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Paracletos Monastery Online Store

Paracletos Monastery
The monastery has the largest selection of icons on the internet. They are made to order and are of high quality made by the nuns. They also have all your needs for daily prayer, with vigil lamps, prayer ropes, incense and censers. They have many other gift items as well. Link to Monastery Store


Web Sites to Purchase Books

Note the Genesis Bookstore can order books for you so you can avoid the shipping charges - There is a good chance they may have it in stock. Ask Cathy.

Alexander Press
Extensive catalog of Orthodox books including those published in Greece.

Conciliar Press
Committed to producing quality publications to help bring Orthodoxy to America
Publisher of Again Magazine

Department of Religious Education, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - Orthodox Marketplace

Eighth Day Books

Holy Cross Bookstore
Books, icons, liturgical books

Light & Life Publishing
World's Largest Orthodox Supplier of Books, Icons, Crosses, CDs, etc.
24 Hr. On Line Ordering 

St. Vladimir's Seminary Bookstore
SVS Press, Monastery Books, Oakwood Publications.
Publisher of the Journals of Fr. Alexander Schmemann

St. Tikhon's Seminary Bookstore
Order by phone 570-937-4390


Other Sources for Religious items

Paracletos Monastery