Worship Schedule


  • Orthros (Matins): 9:00 AM
  • Divine Liturgy: 10:00 AM

Wed., May 16: Evening Divine Liturgy for the Ascension, 6:00 pm (chapel)

Mon., May 21: Divine Liturgy for Saints Constantine and Helen, 9:30 am (chapel)

Sat., May 26: Divine Liturgy for the Saturday of Souls, 9:30 am (chapel)

It's almost time!

Join us once again for the Greenville Greek Festival! Click the image below to visit the festival website for times, the food, and a free ticket!

Upcoming Events

Large Hall Reserved
May 26
Saturday of Souls Divine Liturgy
May 26 9:30 am
May 26 12 pm
May 27
Orthros and Divine Liturgy
May 27 9 am
Day of the Holy Spirit
May 28
Asheville Feast Day
May 28

Please be sure to check the full calendar for more upcoming events!