Worship Schedule



  • Orthros (Matins): 9:00 AM
  • Divine Liturgy: 10:00 AM


Sign Up to Volunteer!

We are still looking for help with the festival.  If you have time, we hope you'll CLICK HERE to sign up for this important event.  



The ladies who do the cooking for the festival every year need your help.  We have created a link for volunteers who would be willing to lend a hand.  Please consider CLICKING HERE to sign up!

Current Guidelines for Churches as mandated by the Metropolis of Atlanta

  • All parishioners (from age 2 & above) must wear masks at all times during all church services. Please bring an appropriate mask/face covering with you.

  • Candles will be distributed by Parish Council members.

  • All parishioners are reminded that venerating an Icon does not require a kiss. A solemn reverent bow is most appropriate.

  • Please do not kiss or touch any icons.

  • All parishioners must practice social distancing at all times.

  • All parishioners will be escorted to their seats.

  • Parishioners will not be able to choose their own seat and must sit where directed by Parish Council to practice social distancing.

  • Those wishing to take communion will do so at the direction of Parish Council row by row and practice social distancing until returning to their seat.

  • Masks may be removed only when actually receiving communion.

  • The Priest(s) will be required to wear a mask during communion.

  • Dismissal after the Liturgy will be at the direction of Parish Council members row by row to practice social distancing.

Seating will be limited in our Cathedral on a first come, first seated basis. Once the Church’s social distancing limits are met, overflow seating will be available in the HELLENIC CENTER after the opportunity to light a candle. A Priest or Deacon will come and offer communion as well as Andidoron to those in the hall.

If anyone is unable or unwilling to abide by these mandatory guidelines, you are encouraged to continue to participate in the service by way of online streaming until these mandatory guidelines are lifted by the Metropolis.


Online Chapel


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Upcoming Events

Greek Festival
May 14
Greek Festival
May 15
Greek Festival
May 16
May 16 9 am
Divine Liturgy
May 16 10 am
Parish Council Meeting
Church Library
May 18 6 pm
May 21 8:45 am


Please be sure to check the full calendar for more upcoming events!