Why did God send His Son?

He sent His Son to open the path to Paradise and to help us in our individual struggle to gain our personal salvation. The Doctrine of the Salvation is the central doctrine of the Orthodox Christian Church. The Lord Jesus Christ is the redeemer and savior of the human race. Christ took upon Himself the sins of the entire world. He received in Himself the guilt of all men. He is the Lamb slaughtered for the world.

This is the foundation of all of the instruction of the Apostles.

They write:

 Christ saved us.

 You are redeemed from the curse of the law.

 Christ justified us.

 You are bought at a dear price.

 Christ has covered our sins.

 He is a propitiation for our sins.

 By Him we have been reconciled with God.

 He is the sole Chief Priest.

 He has torn up the handwriting against us and nailed it to the Cross.

 He was made a curse for us.

 We have peace with God by the death of His Son.

 We have been sanctified by His blood.

 We have been resurrected together with Christ.