Adding Salt to Our Spiritual Life

Teaching of Gregory Palamas


Our passionate life must be offered to God, living and active, so that it may be a living sacrifice.
God in His overflowing goodness to us, being transcendent to all things, incomprehensible and ineffable, consents to allow our intelligence to participate in Him and becomes invisibly visible in His superessential and inseparable power.
By the Bread of Life we become members of Christ much more perfectly that by any other sacred rite.

Class Outline

1. Habits
2. Life and teaching of St. Gregory Palamas
3. Life continued
4. Passions
5. Life of the Soul & Purification
6. Prayer and Dispassion
7. Jesus Prayer
8. Virtue and Repentance
9. Orthodox Way of Life
10 Mountain of Silence - Fr Tom

Habits: How They Form And How To Break Them by Charles Duhigg
Passions and Virtues According to Gregory Palamas by Anestis Keselopoulos
Saint Greogory Palamas as a Hagiorite by Metropolitan Nafpaktos Heirotheos
Philiokalia vol 4
Saint Greogry Palamas the Homilies from Mount Thabor Publishing
St Gregory Palamas and Orthodox Spirituality by John Meyendorff
Gregory Palamas: The Triads from Classics of Western Spirituality
The Mountain of Silence by Kyriacos C. Markides

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1. Habits

2. Life of Gregory Palamas part 1

2a. Life of Gregory Palamas part 2

3. Passions

4. Life and Death of the Soul

5. Nature of Soul and Purification

6. Repentance

7. Prayer, Dispassion & Love

8. Jesus Prayer



Orthodoxy is Not an Ethical System - Fr. Romanides

Life of Repentance


Jesus Prayer

Theosis - Fr. George Capsanis

Confession of Faith - St. Greogry Palamas


Orthodox Way of Life - Catechism Manual