Catechism Class

Below you will find the slides and other resources for the Catechism class.

Primary resource for this class: Living the Orthodox Life

Class 1: Introduction and History



  Videos - three part series on history of the Orthodox Church produced by the Archdiocese

    1. Beginings of Church

    2. Byzantine period

    3. A Hidden Treaasure

Class 2: How Do we Know God?



     Bee the Bee Video: Holy Trinity

     Bee the Bee Video: Belief in God

Class 3: Science and Religion: Creation


Below are two videos about common controversies that I would like you to review before coming to class..

1. Creation and Evolution:

2. Age of the Earth:

Class 4: The Fall and & Old Testament


   Bee the Bee; Creation and the Fall

A few ten-minute videos to preview before this class.

   Video from Steve of Bee the Bee:

   From the Bible Project:

      Rest of Genesius:



Class 5: Salvation


   Bee the Bee: Salvation in Christ

   Gospel of Luke

Class 6: Orthodox Way of Life


Class 7: Fasting



   The Importance of Fasting and Its Observance Today


Class 8


Here is a link to our website on Prayer - Orthodox Prayer


Here is a link to our website on Orthodox Prayer

There are many Bee the Bee videos on prayer.

   #4     Prayer and Joy

   #49   Why you Need a Prayer Rope

   #53   Venerating Icons

   #81   Pray Simply, Pray Always

   #95   Why Prayer Matters

   #96   Key to Prayer

   #104 Is it Possible to Pray Always?


   Beginning Rule of Prayer

Class 9: Repentance and Confession


Bee the Bee video On Confession.
Optional: A long talk on repentance  by the very spiritual Metropolitan Bloom

Preparing for Confession

Class 10: Divine Liturgy and Holy Communion



   Be the Bee #82 | Does the Liturgy Need You?

   Be the Bee #119 | What is a Sacrament?

   Divine Liturgy Explained by Fr Tom Pistolis - A complerte liturgy with commentary - 20 short videos

Website with full explanation